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  • Ten ways to get better at networking
    Preparing, being a good listener and staying up to date with key events are just some of the best ways to build professional relationships. That’s according to the team at, who have listed their top tips on how to build contacts through networking. They feel it’s important to understand that networking isn’t about getting The post Ten ways to get better at networking appeared first on Small Business. ... read more
    Source: UKSBNPublished on 2017-09-20

  • News story: Certificate refunds: overseas and unregistered companies
    Certain companies don’t need a certificate of incorporation or registration from us. These companies are: Overseas companies European public limited liability companies Unregistered companies We won’t be issuing certificates or certified copies for these companies any more, as we don’t have any legal power to do this. If you’ve bought these products for the above companies directly from us, you’re entitled to a refund. How to get a refund To apply for a refund, send a proof of purchase and your request to: Lynda Brown Companies House Crown Way Cardiff CF14 3UZ There’s no time limit to send ... read more
    Source: Companies HousePublished on 2017-08-12

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  • Businesses on the couch: the co-founders in couples’ therapy
    Boardroom bust-ups can put friendships on the line. Business partners reveal why they get professional help to resolve their issuesThere are plenty of good reasons to set up a business with a co-founder rather than go it alone. A co-founder is another committed financial partner and someone who is likely to bring a vitally different skillset and will be a source of support when the going gets tough. Research by the Kauffman Foundation in the US suggests that co-founder teams can attract 30% more investment and can increase their customer base more quickly, improving business survival rates. But there is ... read more
    Source: Guardian Small BusinessPublished on 2017-09-20