Business Administration



A successful business needs a plan.

The degree of complexity or time frame covered varies depending on the business, its objectives and the other reasons for reviewing or generating the plan. Many businesses never forecast or plan other than in response to financier’s requests or in response to a change in their business model. 

Dedicated Planning Advisor

In addition an external planning advisor is dispassionate and impartial, often assisting with planning and implementing change.We can assist with all the above circumstances and have extensive experience in:

  • Forecasts and Budgets Business plans

  • Grant application processing

  • Planning and managing change

  • Project appraisal

We always offer a free initial consultation with respect to any potential assignment or engagement.


Developing forecasts and business plans for all purposes

  • Finance raising

  • Project evaluation

  • As part of a due diligence acquisition or disposal process

  • To assist with restructuring or in response to a changing business environment

And of course to assist with the ongoing performance measurement of a business or business unit.

Benefits of a Structured Forecast

This shows evidence of planning to financial institutions and provides you with bench marks and reference points in the future for your business  or project.

  • Carry out feasibility study of your projects

  • Choose the most suitable sources of finance

  • Arrange the necessary business plans, forecasts, etc

  • Help present your proposals to your chosen source

Our expertise and contacts will help make your company open new markets

Free Business Consultancy Review

Our FREE business consultancy review which is an informal meeting of up to half a day to consider the operational or strategic influences and issues for a business; there is no requirement to be an existing client of White Rose to take advantage of the business review and no commitment is required with respect to any suggestions or advice offered.

Full details of the Business Review Consultancy are available on request or call 01302 343077 for more details.